Fake Presidential Seal Embarrases Trump by Including Russian Image, Golf Clubs and a Wad of Cash, And Trump Didn't Have a Clue

July 26th 2019

Donald Trump at CPAC 2017 ( Michael Vadon )

Donald Trump at CPAC 2017 (Michael Vadon)

By Colorado Blue (of the Daily Kos community)

Daily Kos

Ah hah!  The genius who created the awesome fake presidential seal, with the imperial Russian eagle, the golf clubs in one foot and a wad of cash in the other, has been discovered to be a former Republican who’d had it with Trump and who no longer recognized his party.

All hail Charles Leazott, a graphic designer who had voted for Dubya twice, but who was so turned off by Trump he created the seal as a catharsis, according to the piece in Washington Post.

Per the article he’d forgotten about it until it showed up the other day onscreen at Trump’s propaganda event for fledgling brownshirts — I mean, “conservative youth.”

Apparently the seal was projected by a person who’s been fired, supposedly by accident; Leazott isn’t buying that.  Nor was he expecting to see it — apparently he was as surprised as anybody and all of a sudden finds himself making money and enemies alike at a rapid clip.  

It seems that Trumpers aren’t too pleased and are saying mean things on his Facebook page.  Go figure:)

“Holy crap at the amount of vile, hateful Facebook messages," he said. "It’s apparently a personal affront to some people.”

But, Leazott said, it’s him who gets the last laugh. A photo of Trump in front of his seal is now his computer background, and the person who used it at the event is “either wildly incompetent or the best troll ever — either way, I love them.”

As of Thursday afternoon, Leazott’s shirts were sold out. He said he had to start working with a fulfillment center just to meet the demand. He also revived the primary website for his brand, OneTermDonnie, which includes a paean to the American Civil Liberties Union, where the site says 10 percent of all sales will be directed.

“It’s cool people are buying this, that’s great and all,” he said. “But I’ve got to be honest, I am so tickled in the most petty way possible that the president of the United States, who I despise, stood up and gave a talk in front of this graphic. Whoever put that up is my absolute hero.”


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