Just Hours After Anti-Semitic Remarks, Trump Promotes Himself as "King of Israel... Second Coming of God"

August 22nd 2019

Trump Visits Israel ( Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs )

By Jon Queally

Common Dreams

After the #DisloyaltoTrump hashtag went viral overnight in response to President Donald Trump accusing any person of Jewish faith who voted Democratic of being "disloyal" to the state of Israel—the president sparked fresh concerns about his mental health Wednesday morning after he tweeted quotes from one of his right-wing supporters who said Trump was like "the King of Israel" and compared Trump to "the second coming of God."

Thanking radio host and self-described "warrior conservative" Wayne Allyn Root for his "very nice words," the president tweeted:

Reactions of disgust and worry quickly followed online:

"The President is a raving lunatic," Democrat Andrew Gillum, who ran for governor last year in Florida, tweeted just after Trump's tweets. "He is not well."

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