Senator Susan Collins Cast Deciding Vote for Kavanaugh Now Confronted With New Book That Essentially Proves the Trump Lackey Perjured Himself

September 17th 2019

Fortune: The Most Powerful Woman 2013 ( Fortune Live Media )

Fortune: The Most Powerful Woman 2013 (Fortune Live Media)

That was her response to the very brief "investigation" the FBI conducted into sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. You know, the Supreme Court nominee that Mitch McConnell shoved through the Senate who was only approved with Collins' vote. Anyone who was paying attention at the time knew that the five days the FBI spent "investigating" credible claims from at least two women about Kavanaugh's behavior in high school and college was bullshit.

Now we have confirmation of how cursory the FBI's efforts were. The blockbuster and nearly fatally flawed story from The New York Times over the weekend revealed that multiple witnesses had corroborated the account of one accuser, Deborah Ramirez, only to be brushed off by the FBI. Furthermore, a witness to a newly public allegation went to the FBI and his claim was not investigated. According to the Times, Kavanaugh's classmate Max Stier took that new allegation to the Senate as well. He declined to testify, but his also credible allegations were known to senators.

This is after, mind you, Kavanaugh had racked up an astounding number of lies and perjury in his history of testimony before the Senate. None of which fazed Collins, who reportedly greenlighted his nomination from the get-go.

She calls her vote for Kavanaugh one of "integrity and independence." She says she's "sad" that she's lost support in Maine because of her vote after "I explained in great depth my decision-making." Uh-huh. She's even called her vote "the right thing" to do.

So, Senator Collins, what do you have to say about that today? We can't wait to hear.

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