Surprise! After Trump's Bragged-About "Deal", New Air Force One Bill Soars to $5.2 Billion

August 9th 2019

Trump U.S.A ( Gerd Altmann )

Trump U.S.A (Gerd Altmann)

By Hunter

Daily Kos

Donald Trump has put in a great deal of effort in bragging that he was able, through his Unparalleled Business Guy Powers, to slash the price of the newly planned Air Force One planes by over a billion dollars. (He did this by asking Boeing to lower the price, something that no past leader had ever considered. Truly, a master of the art form.)

Surprise! The cost of the new planes, which was once said to be $3.2 billion after Trump said he had negotiated it down from about $4 billion, but which his staff claimed was actually going to be $5 billion in order to support Trump's claim that he was saving $1.4 billon, actually turns out to be $5.2 billion.

Of that, Boeing gets $3.9 billion—a figure revealed in 2018—which is itself more than $3.2 billion. The rest is earmarked for building hangars and other associated costs.

Again, it should be noted that the original Trump White House estimate for the program, the number they were using as a scandalous misuse of taxpayer money that only Donald Trump, Business Guy, could save us from, was $5 billion. $5.2 is ... more than that?

Business Guy, away!

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