Texas Gun Laws Set To Get Weaker Weeks After Yet Another Major Mass Shooting

August 7th 2019

and more guns…( Patrick Feller )

and more guns…(Patrick Feller)

By Laura Clawson

Daily Kos

Texas just had its third major mass shooting in two years, so obviously gun laws there are going to change … by getting weaker. Earlier in 2019, Texas Republicans passed laws, set to go into effect on Sept. 1, that will make it easier for the next potential mass murderer to carry a long gun into a public place.

If you’re a foster child in Texas, your foster parents will no longer have to store their guns and ammunition in separate locked locations, against the best practices of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. If you’re a landlord in Texas, guess what: You can’t stop your tenants from carrying firearms while living on your property. Individual churches and other houses of worship will have to specifically ban guns rather than having the presumption be that you shouldn’t be packing heat in the Lord’s house. Schools will no longer be able to set specific requirements for storage of guns in cars parked on school property. During disasters, people without a license to carry will be allowed to bring their firearms with them as they evacuate—because there’s a low-stress situation with no danger of inexperienced gun owners getting nervous or testy.

According to an NRA lobbyist, “I would rank it up there with one of the most successful [legislative] sessions we’ve had since I’ve been doing this.”

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