Trump Spouts More Nonsense at G20 Summit: He Wants "Smart People" Immigration. That Would Exclude Him.

July 8th 2019


Donald Trump debuts plan for “Smart People Waivers” at G20 Summit (Majority Report)

At a press conference at the G20 Summit, Donald Trump congratulated himself on being in the leader of the “hottest show in town” giving his administration credit for what he referred to as America’s record-breaking economy (“many times we broke the records”). Although, as Sam Seder notes, most Americans own no stock and in fact, shareholder value can and does often lead to company malfeasance, pointing to Boeing as an example.

In the middle of a string of consciousness rant, Trump appeared to debut a new program pursuant to which America would grant “Smart Person’s Waivers”. It’s unclear, but he might be referring to students from other countries attending college “at the best schools in the country” on student visas which expire upon graduation. He suggested that after graduation they should get a “smart person’s waiver” so they could stay in this country and work in “Silicon Valley” or at one of our “great companies”.  

As usual for Trump, the focus is on the (in his words) “cream of the crop” with no thought to those fleeing persecution and political oppression, and no proposal for a solution z the humanitarian crisis at the border.