Washington Post Confirms White House Release of Ukraine Conversation Was an Abridged "Rough Transcript." That Begs the Question, What Was Left Out?

September 25, 2019


Tweet from PBS reporter Lisa Desjardins.

Washington Post Reporter James Hohmann called it a “five-page summary” and “rough transcript”:

What was released by the White House is a five-page summary of a 30-minute conversation. That means some of what was covered is likely not even in the memo. The document includes a disclaimer on the first page that it is “not a verbatim transcript of a discussion.”

“The text in this document records the notes and recollections of Situation Room Duty Officers and NSC policy staff assigned to listen and memorialize the conversation in written form as the conversation takes place,” it says. “A number of factors can affect the accuracy of the record, including poor telecommunications connections and variations in accent and/or interpretation.”

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