"The Trump Administration's Plan Is Apparently To Kill Her," Rachel Maddow Charged About Isabel Bueso Who May Lose Life-Sustaining Care by Deadly Anti-Immigration Order Now Only Partially Rescinded

September 3, 2019


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UPDATE: On Monday, the Trump administration claimed it would now consider medical deferred action requests that had been made before August 7. However, the announcement is couched with so many caveats and confusing jurisdictional claims that it should be treated with extreme skepticism. Furthermore, it’s not clear who would it apply to and there is still no assurance of medical deferred action for children and young adults, even for those who applied before August 7.

Regard this like Trump’s statements after shooting massacres that he might consider gun control. He waits until the storm passes in a few news cycles and returns to his original pro-NRA positions.

The commentary below was written just prior to the Trump administration’s fuzzy and. insincere effort to do damage control.

Last week, the Trump administration issued deportation letters to children receiving life-saving medical care, ending “medical deferred action” for non-US citizens. The humanitarian waiver offered a literal lifeline for children and young adults who cannot receive special care for cancer, cystic fibrosis and other diseases in their home countries.

CBS News reported that 16-year-old Jonathan Sanchez’s parents received a letter last week from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services that he and his family will have to leave the U.S. within 33 days (of receipt of the letter) or be deported. Jonathan is receiving specialized care at a Boston hospital. His sister died of the same disease when she was six months old in the family’s home country of Honduras.

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"The letter, in the words, it said that we need to leave the country in 30 days. But in my perspective, it's making legal homicide," Jonathan told CBS News.

Rachel Maddow, in a compelling two-part segment on August 29, detailed the case of Guatemalan Isabel Bueso, who has an extremely rare enzyme disease that cannot be treated in Guatemala, whose parents also received a letter to leave the US within 33 days. Bueso was expected to die by her 8th birthday, but is still alive, now 24, because of the care she has received at the University of California Hospital in San Francisco (UCSF).

Bueso and her parents came to the US legally just after Isabel turned 7, with a visa under the medical deferred action program. In fact, Maddow notes, UCSF recruited her because her condition, MPS-6, is so rare that they needed patients for the clinical trial. For Isabel, the treatment worked. Not only that, she has graduated summa cum laude from college. She is looking forward to possibly going to grad school, even though she is hampered by ongoing medical needs.

Isabel’s doctors at UCSF predict she will die within a year, once she no longer has access to the now FDA approved medical care for MPS-6.

“For Isabel, this is very simply a death sentence,” Maddow bluntly stated in regards to the deportation. "The Trump Administration’s plan is apparently to kill her.”

Maddow adds that the Trump administration has offered no appeal process to keep her alive — which is also the case with the other children ordered deported — with care from UCSF. Her parents have private insurance to pay for her care (so Trump and Stephen can’t claim that she is “a burden on the government”) and were, as noted earlier, recruited to bring Isabel to the US because it was difficult for UCSF to find children with her rare condition. Now, the Trump administration, as Maddow charges, is condemning her to death, as is also the case with Jonathan and untold numbers of other young people and children who need medical care in the US to stay alive.

It’s always a risk to make comparisons to Hitler and Trump. However, Hitler had an active program of “euthanizing” Germans, even non-Jews, who were critically ill, disabled or mentally ill.

As the mainstream media goes on to cover every inane tweet and impromptu utterance Trump says in a “gaggle” on the way to Marine One, Maddow deserves kudos for calling Trump out for what he is doing: killing many children and young adults who will die after they leave or are deported in a month because they will not be able to access life-saving medical care.

He is also condemning many migrants to death when he deports them back to Mexico and Central American countries that they have fled because they are marked to be killed by gangs and narcos.

Then, of course, Trump has been responsible for white white nationalist violence and shooting deaths, such as in El Paso.

As in El Paso, what Trump is doing to Isabel Bueso, Jonathan Sanchez and other children and young people makes him an accessory to murder.

He has crossed a line from malicious vilification of non-whites to enabling their deaths. The mainstream corporate media must start holding him accountable. Rachel Maddow is.

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