Vincent Bugliosi, Prosecutor of Charles Manson, Told BuzzFlash That The Supreme Court Five Who Stole the 2000 Election Were Felons

The Late Vincent Bugliosi

The Late Vincent Bugliosi

Vincent Bugliosi came to fame as the prosecutor for the state in the trial of Charles Manson. He also became one of the fiercest critics of the Supreme Court 5-4 ruling in 2000 that put George W. Bush in the White House. He penned a book, "The Betrayal of America: How the Supreme Court Undermined the Constitution and Chose Our President." The cover of the book has "mug shots" of the felonious five with arrest numbers in front of their photos. BuzzFlash was indefatigable in reporting on the 2000 election theft.

Originally Published in May, 2001

BuzzFlash Interview Excerpt

Bugliosi to BF: This is the greatest American crime since slavery! The Supreme Court actually ruled that Americans don't have the right to have their votes counted. Listen carefully, because this is easy to distort, but this is a crucial point. I prosecuted Charles Manson. He was responsible for the savage murders of innocent people. But this is worse. This is worse than John Wayne Gacy. The magnitude of this crime is mind-boggling. These five criminals, let’s call them what they are, they belong in prison for the rest of their lives. They stole something that many Americans have fought and died for. They corrupted our most precious possession - our democracy!

We can get the word out. We can fight this asinine notion that once the crime has been committed, it's over. Even if Bush would have won a legitimate count in Florida, which he wouldn't have, that doesn't excuse the crime that the Supreme Court committed. And, as an experienced trial lawyer, I choose my words carefully. They committed a crime. They used phony arguments to reach a predetermined conclusion. They lied. They knew exactly what they were doing. Letting them off the hook just because some newspaper recounts say that Bush would have won anyway misses the point. If you take a gun and shoot at someone, then you can't claim that you're innocent just because you miss them. And when you stop a vote count solely in order to put your guy in the White House, and in my book I prove beyond any reasonable doubt that's exactly what these five criminals did, then you can't say that it doesn't matter because your crime turned out to be unnecessary.

But these are disreputable people. Just one example: Rehnquist. This bum committed perjury during his own confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senator Kennedy confronted him with a memo that Rehnquist had written as a law clerk for Justice Jackson. It read, "I think that we should argue in favor of Plessey v. Ferguson." That's the doctrine of separate but equal. Rehnquist then lied under oath and told the committee that he was transcribing something that Justice Jackson had said. But that was not Jackson's position. And Rehnquist could not produce any other transcriptions. Unfortunately, Jackson was dead. And the Democrats let Rehnquist off the hook.

But Bugliosi found that his book and passion about the theft of the 2000 election by SCOTUS wasn't being given the time of day by the media back in 2001, when the book came out.

First published in 2001.

First published in 2001.

Bugliosi to BF: This time has been different [in terms of press interest as compared to his book on the Manson prosecution.] I have experienced rejections from shows that have always welcomed me in the past, including The Today Show, Good Morning America, Larry King, Charlie Rose, and Ted Koppel. I have pretty much been relegated to appearing on Court TV and, ironically enough, Fox. I've been interviewed by Greta Van Susterin, Bill O'Reilly, Hannity and Colmes, Judith Regan, and Diane Dimond. But what I call the moderate to liberal media, from National Public Radio to the major network shows, they don't want any part of me this time.

They all give me the same mantra. Number one, the election is over. Number two, Bush won anyway. No one cares anymore, they say. Get over it. It's twisted reasoning and totally illogical, but that's what they say.

There are two reasons, I think. Past experience has taught me that most of the people in media are so conformist that they literally just stop thinking for themselves. And they are extremely stupid. They just repeat what they've heard, and they've heard that Bush won. Secondly, most journalists are spineless to the point that it's amazing that they can even sit up on TV. And they fear the fanatical right. They know that the right wing is far more mean spirited.

The so called liberals in the media are nauseating and disgusting. They just passively absorb all of it and refuse to fight. I'm a fighter.

My previous paperback book on the Paula Jones fiasco was reviewed by the New York Times, the Washington Post, and USA Today.

But not this one. They don't want to touch this. They're hoping that it goes away. But I'm not going away. I will pursue it until those five justices are ashamed to ever show their faces in public again.

Bugliosi also told BuzzFlash that the Democrats bore blame for not fighting the Supreme Court theft of election 2000.

It's really disgusting. Look, the Democrats are not going to do anything on their own, but we can't just put up with this corruption on the Supreme Court. I am going to meet with some people about starting a movement to begin impeachment proceedings in the House Judiciary Committee to bring these five rascals to justice. We have to try. We can't just let them take our democracy away. We have to fight.

Contact the media. Let them know that you care. The producer at Good Morning America, Shelley Roth, told me that she just doesn't believe that anyone cares anymore. It's the same old spiel: the election is over and Bush won No one cares.  Get over it.  But here's the thing; if the defendants at Nuremberg would have stood up and said, "The war is over. Let's move on." That wouldn't have worked. It shouldn't work in America, either.

BuzzFlash Interview Excerpt

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