2005: So Much of BF's Coverage Over the Last 4 1/2 Years Has Been About Hypocritical Republicans Who Hold Themselves Out As Moral Scolds, But Are Bed Hopping Like Jackrabbits In A Lettuce Patch


Oh those Republican hypocrites. Anyone who thinks Evangelical and GOP tolerance of Trump’s predatory sexual history is something knew hasn’t absorbed the history of the party. This BF Editorial from 2005 explains why. And this accounting is only for a period around 2005. Who could forget former Republican Senator (LA) who frequented prostitutes and liked to wear a diaper? His forgiving wife was just nominated and confirmed to the federal bench, even though she is open about her opposition to abortion. And there are a plethora more of GOP sexual hypocrites. But, we digress.

Trump follows in a long line of hypocritical GOP sexual abusers and adulterers. ( PoliticalCartoons.com )

Trump follows in a long line of hypocritical GOP sexual abusers and adulterers. (PoliticalCartoons.com)

Originally Posted in January, 2005


Let's talk about sex.

Well, really, here at BuzzFlash we don't talk much about it.

What we do is talk about Republicans talking about sex, because they can't seem to stop talking about it.

You might say that the right wing morality police are obsessed with sex, in a way that indicates some mental health issues.

So much of BuzzFlash's coverage over the last four and a half years has been about hypocritical Republicans who hold themselves out as moral scolds, but are bed hopping like jackrabbits in a lettuce patch.

Let's see, we've got the contingent of gay Republicans who are anti-gay (with their journalistic contingent headed by Matt Drudge). We've got anti-adulterers who are regular adulterers (remember beloved husband Newt Gingrich was shtooping a Congressional staffer while calling for Clinton's impeachment and his right wing replacement in waiting, the former Congressman Bob Livingston, was exposed as a married Capitol Hill Romeo, by Larry Flynt, no less.) We've got the anti-gamblers and kinky sex preachers who are gamblers and into kinky sex (Bill "Moral Virtues" Bennett where are you? You can come out of hiding now.) We had Bush supporters like the former Republican Mayor of Waterbury, Connecticut, who paid a mother so that he could have sex with her underage daughter in his mayoral office.

Oh, we could go on and on, but what's the use? They get away with their sexual hypocrisy because the media has a double standard. If you're a Republican male, you're just having a good old frat party sort of Hooters time, just some lusty male fun. But if you are a Democrat engaging in sex, the same acts are considered sin.

God just has a more forgiving standard for Republicans we guess.

But frankly, we wouldn't know about how sexually depraved America has become if we didn't keep hearing the Republicans decrying it all the time (while engaging in the same activities that they are deploring.)

Oh, we are sure there are a couple of faithful Republican Congressmen up on Capitol Hill, well maybe one. That's right, we've always said that Tom DeLay picked Dennis Hastert to be his puppet Speaker of the House because Denny was the only Republican male Representative DeLay could be sure would prefer a leg of lamb to a woman's leg -- or a man's leg, for that matter.

But if the Republicans would just stop their hypocritical fire and brimstone lectures on sex, we all might be able to get back to a "G" rated society.

I mean, we haven't seen anyone fornicating in the streets lately, have you? But, we see a lot of leg in Rupert Murdoch's FOX Television programming. How come the GOP Puritans aren't coming down on Republican media mogul Rupert? How do you spell FOX NEWS? You spell it, G-O-P P-R-O-P-A-G-A-N-D-A.

And it's all posturing and propaganda, the sex talk that is. It's the modern day descendant of our Puritan and Southern Baptist and Evangelical heritage in which man is always wrestling with the devil of his sexuality.

When it comes to the bedroom, most Republican politicians do a lot of sexual wrestling all right -- and they emerge from the erotic tussle to denounce our "sinful" society.

Hey, maybe we're going out on a limb here, but what percentage of the guys who fly Hooters airlines down to Myrtle Beach for some golf do you think voted for Bush? Maybe 95%? Or make it 98%?

And what about all those gasoline stations in the South with the pin-up calendars hanging out just beyond the grease pit?

We sure read a lot about Republicans who are sexually obsessed philanderers. You know, like Bernie Kerik, who was Bush's kind of guy and the kind of man he could trust in his gut (as Bush is wont to say) to head our "Homeland Security Department." Well, Bernie, as we now know, wasn't just cheating on his third wife; he was also cheating on his mistresses.

The claim of the Republican leadership to a moral high ground on sex is nine planets beyond hypocrisy. Their hero was the legendary Strom Thurmond, who manhandled just about every woman he could get his racist paws on. The GOP knew that Strom couldn't resist a comely woman, or even an uncomely one for that matter. But Strom stood for those good 'ol Southern Values, right?

Right, and at the top of the list of the Confederacy morality Thurmond exemplified was one simple word: hypocrisy.

And that is what BuzzFlash makes of the Republican obsession with all things sexual: naked, raw, lascivious hypocrisy.

Now, can we please talk about something else besides sex?



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