Seth Meyer Took a Closer Look at Wednesday's Dem Debate: ""CNN Was so Desperate to Get Them to Fight, They Were Like Romans at the Coliseum"

August 1, 2019


After the Tuesday night Dem debate in Detroit, BuzzFlash featured a masterfully hilarious live post-debate monologue by Stephen Colbert.

Not to be outdone by Colbert, Seth Meyer offered his live post-debate take on the Wednesday night slug fest on his nightly segment “A Closer Look.”

Meyers drolly commented on both debates in a riff that ran more than 15 minutes. The Colbert and Meyers segments, while mischievously sardonic, do bolster the argument that contemporary politics has become more entertainment and spectacle than substantive debates about policy.

In the dark days of the demagogic era of Trump, indulge in some laughter.